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All American Sex Offender

In one terrible day, Mackenzie is fired from her job, gets drunk, and ends up getting caught peeing in a to a playground. Now Mackenzie must navigate life and new-found love with the shocking label of sex offender. A dark romantic comedy from award-winning writer/director Chloe Lenihan. The series was inspired by a friend who got into serious trouble after doing one too many keg stands and urinating in the University quad. When the judge threatened to slap her with a sex charge, the idea for "All American Sex Offender" was born. Writer, director, and star Chloe Lenihan asks, "What would happen if an 'All American' woman showed up on the doorstep in respectable neighborhood and announced herself as a registered sex offender?" The result is a dark comedy that explores a taboo subject and raises the question of how we deal with the "worst" among us. Winner of BEST WEB SERIES at HollyShorts Film Festival 2020, All American Sex Offender is indie filmmaking at its finest. Chloe Lenihan is an impressive talent and award-winning director. While earning her MFA in Creative Producing from Columbia University, Lenihan's thesis film "How Far She Went" was awarded BEST FEMALE STUDENT FILMMAKER by the Director’s Guild of America. Her body of work is marked by flawed, alienated women, searching for a purpose under the ethos of “Americana.”

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