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Childlike at Best with Mike Valdes

Adulting can be a real drag. Kid-at-heart Mike Valdes will brighten your day as he dives into a bowl of nostalgia and funny stories. Each episode Mike is joined by a guest from entertainment to chat about pop culture, fond memories, and the mortifying mistakes that made them who they are today. Grab a bowl of cereal and get ready to remember your sense of childlike wonder. Mike, a Miami native, developed a love for creating at a very young age. He may have gotten older, but he’s determined not to grow up! Mike sees living with childlike wonder as a spiritual journey, and his mission is to keep the magic of childhood alive in us all. His podcast is fun and nostalgic, but underneath it all he reminds us to look through the eyes of our ten-year old self and to make that version of ourselves proud. Mike is a multitalented artist and entertainer. His standup and other comedic work has garnered over 6 million views online. Acting credits include major networks like Nickelodeon, Disney, Fox, A&E, and MTV. You can catch him and his band “Mike Valdes & the Noise” performing across the East Coast. Their album “Dreamer” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.

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