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So What Do You Really Do?

Let's talk day jobs. Your favorite entertainer might also be a music therapist, scientist, counterintelligence agent, or sex worker. Comedian and veteran radio personality “Deadair” Dennis Maler interviews fellow creators about their hidden talents and unexpected off-stage careers. With a who's who list of guests, including Jim Jefferies, Lewis Black, and Jessica Kirson, this is a must-listen for comedy fans. “So What Do You Really Do?” is a question all artists and entertainers hear throughout their careers from concerned family members, skeptical friends, or probing strangers. Deadair Dennis turns the age-old question on its head by taking a fresh look at the interesting day jobs, careers, and other passions of creative people. With over two decades of experience as a stand-up comedian and radio professional (on-air and behind the scene), Deadair Dennis has had many terrible day jobs. But with his insatiable curiosity and sharp wit, he goes beyond the stereotype of the mundane “side hustle” for a backstage look that listeners may not have expected. Deadair Dennis Maler has been heard on radio stations throughout the country including SiriusXM, DC101, and The Party Playhouse with Jackson Blue. He has been featured in comedy festivals throughout the country, founded, and is the Comedy Editor for DigBoston.

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