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Pillow Fight

Grab a pillow and get ready to gab because you’re invited to THE slumber party of the season with the best friends you’ve been manifesting. Every episode, comedian Yamini Nambimadom is joined by fellow comedians, artists, influencers, and experts to chat about the topics that shape our lives, from buzzworthy gossip to current events and world politics. Stay up on the latest headlines the “Pillow Fight” way, with classic sleepover games “F**k-marry-kill” and “Would You Rather?” and stick around for “Truth or Dare,” where Yamini and her guests really spill the tea. We double-dog dare you ;) Listen to "Pillow Fight" and you'll be in the know on pop culture, hard news, and everything in between (and have fun in the process). Creator and host Yamini Nambimadom is a bisexual icon and a rising star in the next generation of comedians. As a stand-up comedian and activist, she performs with Facial Recognition Comedy, a nationally-touring show featured in Vulture, The Daily Beast, VoyageLA, and The New York Times. The show features female-identifying performers of MENASA (Middle Eastern, North African, & South Asian) descent.

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